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Maxima (289128 Super M Injector 2-Stroke Premix/Injector Oil - 1 Gallon

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Super-M Injector Oil is the first truly high performance racing oil designed to be used in oil injection systems. The legendary Super-M formula has been adjusted to allow the personal watercraft owner to leave his oil injection operational and still enjoy the benefits of a racing quality oil without going to a pre-mix. Super-M Injector Oil is blended with the latest, most advanced additive systems that yield engine protection and cleanliness that has to be experienced to be believed. Super-M Injector Oil uses the same additive system, for extreme pressure lubrication and anti-scuff, that the original championship Super-M utilizes. Super-M Injector can also be used as a premix at manufacturer's recommended gas: oil ratios.

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Brand Maxima
MPN SNS-192-B000GU3UE2
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